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Many of these are, however, covered fairly comprehensively in blog entries.These include progress in stem cell research, many topics of epigenetics, several key gene-activation pathways, mitochondrial dynamics, redox related pathways, telomere-related pathways, health-producing properties of plant polyphenols, stress-responses and hormesis, quorum sensing in biofilms, microtubules, bacterial communications, nano delivery of therapeutic substances, quantum biology, systems biology, human bacterial biomes, roles of RNA species, age-related diseases including Alzheimers, Parkinsons, diabetes and cancers, evolutionary origins of our signaling systems, exosomal communication systems, cell senescence, signaling gasses, interspecies communications, circadian regulation and progress towards creating a Grand Unified Theory of biology and aging - to mention just a few.Soon, a second objective emerged for the blog - communicating this information to a wider audience, getting feedback and networking myself with other researchers.Research, communicating personally about research and writing for the blog became my major activities, and further updating of this treatise became increasingly secondary.As to shift over time of my overall perspective, a central observation is that I no longer view the theories of aging described here as independent or even necessarily fundamental.They are all part of an emerging new grand unified theory (GUT) of biology.Also I need mention Melody Winnig, a researcher-writer who performs important daily research literature surveillance for me and Jim.

Some of the theories are more basic and upstream of the others.A comprehensive document for the benefit of people interested in living very long healthy lives and who are willing to adapt emerging knowledge personally to do so. [2] FORWARD VIEW FROM JULY 2014 More than six years have elapsed from drafting the initial version of this treatise and despite many updates parts of it show age.Many topics and insights I would now include are missing.The original concept of this treatise was to look at the main existing scientific theories of aging, see what they have in common, see what each has to say about steps that could be taken to halt or delay aging, and combine these steps into an overall "antiaging firewall." That firewall would define practical lifestyle and dietary interventions that would create long-lasting health and longevity based on the known science.This was a good concept and it has personally served me well.

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