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"The top papers were so close in quality that I had to have an additional reading to break ties.

Most of the readers, who are also from a variety of disciplines, stated that they really enjoyed reading the papers.

With a focus on Julien's new release so my head is full of movie scenes and humour,” he tells us over email.

“Everything is very visual for me so it’s only right for me to take this on, I feel very strongly about the electronic music scene doesn’t have enough humour and needs brighting up a lil / not to be so serious all the time.” Conceived by Julien himself, the final article arrives with help from friends Cieron Magat, Joe Whalley, Sekou Abineri and the aforementioned Dean Blunt collaborator Lord Tusk.

“I was about to leave for the TC3 study abroad trip to Colombia (Jonathan was a teaching assistant on the trip this year), and it pops up that there is an opening on this trip,” he said. Provost and Vice President of the College John Conners, who is retiring from the College this summer after 24 years of service, will deliver the keynote address.

John Gebo was also recognized for a recent promotion from Sergeant to Assistant Director of Campus Police." The annual contest is an opportunity for Tompkins Cortland students to submit work they have completed for a course at the College over the past year.Sponsored by the English and Humanities Academic Division, authors of the top three papers receive prizes of 5, 0, or .It's “half written and the other half improvisation,” he confirms.“Being spontaneous and having a laugh – great thing is we can do whatever in the post production to control the chaos.” With more episodes (approx 7-8) on the horizon, the series will also be released on VHS with added bonus outtakes.

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