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Are you interested in race, identity, ethnicity, colonialism, and social movements? Since the first encounters with Europeans, Indigenous peoples have played critical roles in shaping ideas of civilization, nationhood, and progress.Despite the importance of Native peoples to political processes in the Americas, they have often been marginalized or even invisibilized in contemporary discussions of democracy and development.Gradually the scope of the conversation enlarges, so that by the third quarter, students will be able to discuss topics of their choosing in Spanish for the full class period.

The course explores how and why for many peoples, at many times, citizenship did not confer equal rights to all. English 198D and E, offered by senior English faculty member Elizabeth Simmons-O'Neill (C, or W if student has already fulfilled C) are 5 credit writing links to HSTAA 110.The UW has diverse programs studying all aspects of the environment: the air, the mountains, the sea and everything between.Studying the environment means exciting field courses, hands-on research, and a chance to address some of the world’s critical issues.This lecture course explores a broad set of encounters between peoples and ways of knowing.We will critically examine central concepts like “culture,” “gender,” “nature,” and “race” that shape the ways in which scholars, state officials, Indigenous leaders and intellectuals engage each other. This course is an introductory survey of the archaeology, art and architecture of ancient Egypt, from the first prehistoric cultures of the Nile Valley until the period of Roman control.

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