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Alena Starchenko impersonates other ladies who quickly become romantic in their correspondence and agree to meet you only if you make a co-payment in advance for a rental, and payment must be a wire or money order sent directly to Alena Starchenko who "works" at a travel agency named Garyacha Renta.

After you pay your part of the rental she has an excuse for not meeting you and cancels the rental.

I had great difficulty getting responses from the contacts listed on this site.

The "head of the lodging department" did send me a copy of the booking form which also showed payment to be made to Alena Starchenko.

I had taken many photos of my trip with my digital camera and placed them in an online photo album so that my friends and family could enjoy the sites of Petersburg, Riga and photos of the woman I traveled so far to meet.

In all of her photos she rarely smiles with an open mouth as she has one discolored front tooth which I was planning to have capped.

She said she was widowed for 3 years and llved in St.

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She gave me a bank account number and I would wire transfer the money to her bank account.

Look at the stars together) I am very serious about this site and about my search.

I would like to tell you a little about myself about my possibility to love, my interests, and my dreams, what person I am looking for. more about Ilona from Poltava My friends say that I am a kind, easy-going, intelligent and very honest person. more about Elena from Kiev In a section "Video of single femeles" there are videos taken by our partners - local marriage agencies and dating services with a style of work - video dating.

Finally today she said the report she received about me convinced her that I was not sincere, and told me not to write her again. Mike I am a 61 year old divorced, Sales Manager, living in the San Francisco bay area.

This was simply her excuse for cutting off correspondence with me after the scam, which I was expecting. There are too many, and much of our correspondence was through MSN instant messenger. In May, 2002, I contacted an attractive woman on Friend Finder ed alledgedly Anastasia Vasilyeva, using an MSN email address: [email protected]

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