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But the other half is an introverted underdog who makes up for her lack of confidence with a biting sense of humor.If life really does imitate highs school, then she’s the hot cheerleader that everybody wants to sleep with and the band geek who’ll make fun of you for being so shallow. If she knows what she’s doing, she’s not about to break her poker face.While she’s often been called the thinking man’s sex symbol, she’d probably prefer something a little less pretentious. Liz is the antithesis of a perky and self-confident leading woman.

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Fey could be a ruthless satirist, but because she never forgot her nerd roots, she was also self-deprecating.

Which means she’s either one of the most brilliant comics of her generation or comedy’s answer to Sybil.

Maybe both.” PLAYBOY: Did you want to be the star of or would you have preferred to remain behind-the-scenes?

More tongue-in-cheek humor, perhaps, from the mother of a two-and-a-half year old girl named Alice Zenobia Richmond, who insists that her family always comes before work?

And if that’s not enough to keep Fey busy, there’s , once marked for death but now one of NBC’s most highly-rated (and award-winning) shows.

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