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She recently met up with her ex-lover, Todd Waterman — also known as the man who she cheated on Robert Kardashian with, resulting in their divorce!Tensions rose even MORE last night, with Tags: angie everhart, awkward, bruce jenner, couple, divorce, episode, keeping up with the kardashians, kris jenner, marriage, rumors, todd waterman be heartbreaking to watch Bruce sometimes (fake or not).The supposed diary states: Tags: diary, ellen kardashian, insults, khloe kardashian, kim kardashian, kourtney kardashian, kris jenner, robert kardashian, rumors, todd waterman Oh, there must be some serious dramz going on in the Jenner-Kardashian household right now.Robert Kardashian’s widow Ellen Pierson, who has had her late husband’s diary in her possession since his death, has apparently handed it over to insights into the former Kardashian family household.The singer finally decided to make it official with Evan Felker, the member of her opening band she's been rumored to be dating for months.(Even though he was totallt married when the tour started!

The man Kris was apparently getting naughty with during and after her marriage to Robert Kardashian is claiming their spark wasn’t out until after she was already living with Bruce Jenner!

) The two were photographed holding hands in public, apparently no longer afraid of getting caught.

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But even though they've shared their ups and downs, nothing compares to the latest trial they've faced — animator Todd Waterman. apparently has a photo of the two in a "clandestine hug!

Todd was the man she cheated on Robert Kardashian with. " The latest issue details the heart-wrenching tale, with sources revealing: Tags: affair, bruce jenner, celebrity couples, cheating, kardashians, keeping up with the kardashians, kris jenner, marriage, michael patrick king, sex and the city, todd waterman Miranda Lambert really does do a little thing called whatever she wants.

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