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"Good," he continued, "let's all read the matrix one last time just to make sure we haven't missed anything obvious for Monday's pitch.Then we can actually enjoy the rest of this lovely weekend." He clicked on the document in question and it came back to the foreground, filling more than half of the large screen and hiding the video conference windows. ..." "Oh, hey Sweetie, I'm in the office," he distractedly called out. " "Upstairs at Ben's," he answered, before refocusing on his work.But it felt unnatural to look at it when speaking, so he probably looked funny to those on the video conference as his eyes would have been looking down all the time.Although to be fair, his two team members were doing the same thing.Rubbing hard and fast as her hips convulsed, coating her slick fingers in pussy juice. But, like it didn't change what had to be done, she shrugged her shoulders and walked over to the wardrobe.Then licking them clean as spurts of hot cum covered her unblemished porcelain skin. All the time trying to act natural and resisting the urge to look at the faces on the screen. Wanting to maintain the illusion that it was all an accident, like she had no idea that 'under the document' there were people watching via video conference.Her body hostage to pleasure as it constantly sought greater and greater stimulation.

But it wasn't long until his attention was diverted by an alluring French accent drifting in from the hallway. Then I'm all yours." "Bien sure," Sophie smiled, giving his broad shoulders a squeeze and glancing briefly at the strategy document in front of him, thankful that it wasn't her Saturday being eaten into by boring work. And the large built in wardrobe doubled as Sophie's overflow closet. That her traditional bourgeois values increasingly didn't apply in the bedroom. I also removed my underwear," she confessed. Now be a good girl and show us." Leaving her erect nipples alone, she looked down her body.

"Yes, that's it," Alex hissed, working his shaft with vigor.

"Use that naughty cunt for us." The wanton blonde didn't need to be encouraged as she worked the wet pussy like a seasoned pro. Her hips gyrating provocatively to the sound of sticky flesh.

For he saw her weakness and decided to take advantage. Deciding it would be cruel to stop there, she gracefully unclipped and discarded the lacy bra, allowing her perky A-cup tits to bounce free. Concentrating minds on the prize that was within reach.

"Follow my lead and it will work out just fine Sweetie. And there the topless blonde stood, transfixed by the beautiful pink nipples staring back. Any sense of uncertainty that Sophie might have felt earlier was gone.

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