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- Editor Im doing the family for my mother and law who has been told that she has aboriginal in her family, so far I have track her family back to a Louisa Adams born 1805 and foster to a Thomas and Elizabeth Jones of Pitt Town. I believe she lived on Nugal station, and was the mother of Thomas Henry Blackman, born in Cooyal, Mudgee in 1842, or 1843.

Im looking for records that she was of aboriginal decent and she was from. I have been raised knowing I am indigenous and have been an active member of the community up here in Darkinjung country.

One of my leads gets me to a conversation on your website relating to Mary Adams family which refers to a William Lewis (below) do you have any records that may assist? Baxter claims Mary Ann had 15 children in all and died as Mary Ann Burrows of Mudgee in 1905. Looking for Ward Wiradjuri family Dear History, I believe my family has an aboriginal ancestor of the WIRADJURI TRIBE MUDGEE and would like to confirm this. IHi I have been told I am relation to Captain thunderbolt, Fred Ward, my name is Clinton ward my father is Craig ward his father is warren ward, how do I find out if I am related?

Editor: Janice Korhonen has opened up a family research group on facebook by invitation. Also seek information from the new site connected to the new book, But please note that there is controversy coming over Mary Ann’s death.Buy online at the website. I dont know if this the right contact, but my foster brother has died, and we were told that an Aboriginal person can not rest in peace if they are under the ground, but rather they should be in a cave on sacred ground or in a tree.We have his ashes and out of the greatest respect for him and his culture, we want to do what is right and respectful for him to find peace. 1890, Rylstone, NSWCould you please send any possible information about Mary Ann Fletcher, of the Kamilaroi tribe.If this is your motivation, then this page is not for you.Please seek such informationthrough government websites. The people who contribute to this website do so in grace and good faith, and their emails are posted in good faith that there are others out there who would want to help people find their family, their cultural heritage.

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