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Rhodochrosite crystal (08/29/17) Global Internet usage. This is a 4-dimensional hexdecahedroid (08/21/17) Rise and Fall of the Ottoman Empire 1300-1923 (08/20/17) Dragonflies posing for a photo (08/19/17) Skeleton Shop, London, 1935 (08/18/17) A woman grasping a huge organ. (Miami Beach.) (08/30/17) Sometimes the beauty of nature reminds us of mathematics. Red=high) (08/28/17) Mechanically separated chicken slurry to create chicken nugget (08/27/17) Imagine the joy of playing Faeries Aire and Death Waltz, the worlds' most unplayable score (08/26/17) An animation of Mars orbit (08/25/17) This is humor from Mark Tatulli involving a mathematical child. French woman, on bench, with hat, smoking cigarette. 2-D cyclical cellular automaton growing to repeating patterns from a random start (08/22/17) Dream about higher dimensional worlds with someone you love. Looks concave on one side, but it's not (01/02/18) Actual patent figure for Patent 1926420, involving a greyhound-riding monkey (01/01/18) A somewhat scary man dressed in a suit (left) turns out to be something else when rotated (12/31/17) Listen in awe to the music of our computer overlords. Deep-Bach: harmonization using deep learning (12/30/17) Gears that simulates the motion of a hummingbird in flight (12/29/17) Icosahedron becomes tired of its perfect existence and seeks transcendence in chaos (12/28/17) Dots in simple, circular orbits create larger wave patterns. Mercator projection vs its actual size (12/21/17) Two Fun photos. (Just kidding) (01/05/18) Fun image of a "Complex Carbohydrate" (01/04/18) The technical paper "On nonrecoverable deletion in syntax" has no content, on purpose (01/03/18) Coffee mug with optical illusion spatial geometric design.

(11/26/17) Something is special about the mind of Indian mathematician Ramanujan (PDF) (11/25/17) Shortest scientific paper ever published in serious journal. Finland, circa 1940 (11/23/17) "Snowdecahedron" with its pentagonal faces (11/22/17) The Painted Weevil (Eurhinus magnificus), a stunning species with metallic emerald, gold, copper, ruby exoskeleton (11/20/17) Gaze in awe The famous Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan (1887-1920) gave us some beautiful formulas for Pi (11/19/17) Amazing garden sculptures in Montreal (11/18/17) A predecessor to our GPS devices in cars: The Tom Tom! 1932 (11/15/17) Chicks dig Star Wars BB8 droids (11/14/17) Wisdom of Bertand Russell (11/13/17) "The Open Office is disruptive, stressful, cumbersome.

Doubles the volume of i Phone without causing any extra battery usage (08/12/17) Eat the past.

(Royal Albert Hall, London, 1932 (08/17/17) This is a 1601 depiction of sailors battling Giant Crabs in Indian Ocean (08/16/17) Using your eyes only, which one consists of a single piece of rope that has its ends joined (08/15/17) A dust devil spins across the surface of Mars (08/14/17) It is possible to use the natural contours of nature to amplify smartphone sounds (08/13/17) Body of phone case is a sound chamber.

It has an infinite surface area and zero volume (09/06/17) When a superstar researcher dies in an academic filed, rapid innovation follows (09/05/17) An unusual video in which eggs become conscious of their surroundings, and scream (09/04/17) Aliens among us.

Buddhabrot and Logistic Map (09/19/17) Real dandelion seed puffs preserved as they're about to disperse (09/18/17) Breaking News. (09/07/17) This is a fractal object called a Menger Sponge.

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