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It is particularly useful when there are large families and a good family record over several generations.

You cannot make humans of different types breed together so pedigree charts provide one of the few ethical ways of studying human genetics.

Solar power in New Jersey has been aided by a Renewable Portfolio Standard which requires that 22.5% of New Jersey's electricity come from renewable resources by 2021, and by one of the most favorable net metering standards in the country, along with Arizona, allowing unlimited customers of any size array to use net metering, although generation may not exceed annual demand.

Best practices recommend limiting net metering only to the size of the customer’s service entrance capacity (i.e. New Jersey is second in the nation in the total number of homes and businesses which have solar panels installed.

In 2010, New Jersey became the second state, after California, to install over 100 MW in a single year.

New Jersey and Colorado were the only two states to allow unlimited net metering customers, up to 2 megawatts for each customer.

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Symbols used in pedigree charts Organising the pedigree chart Below is a pedigree chart of a family showing four generations. Below is a pedigree chart of a family showing four generations.

It applies to a taxpayer's principal and/or second residences, but not to a property that is rented out.

There is no maximum cap on the credit, and the credit can be applied toward the Alternative Minimum Tax, and any excess credit (greater than that year's tax liability) can be rolled into the following year.

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