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(This might be an integer, an un-prefixed OID, UUID or any other identifier pattern that meets these constraints.) All elements using these primitive types may have one or more of a value as described above, an internal identity (e.g. For an example, take an element of name "count" and type "integer".

XML The value is represented in XML as an attribute named "value": For additional details, see the XML, JSON and Turtle format definitions.

Primitive types other than string SHALL NOT have leading or trailing whitespace.

In XML, these types are represented as XML Elements with child elements with the name of the defined elements of the type.

String values should only have leading and trailing spaces if they are part of the content of the value.

In JSON and Turtle whitespace in string values is always significant.

Note: This is intended for precisely observed times (typically system logs etc.), and not human-reported times - for them, use date and date Time. just year or year month) as used in human communication.

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The reference can never be reused to point to some different data (i.e. The reference SHALL point to a location that resolves to actual data; some URIs such as cid: meet this requirement.

Note that this means that the schema aware XML libraries give different attribute values to non-schema aware libraries when reading the XML instances.

For this reason, the value attribute for these types SHOULD not have leading and trailing spaces.

When the value is missing, and there are no extensions, the element is not represented at all.

This means that in xml, attributes are never present with a length of 0 (value=""), and properties are never a 0 length string or null in JSON ("name" : "" is not valid).

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