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And on the dance floor, Imari Havard is hula-hooping with some ladies.Havard is the co-founder of Timeless Entertainment Concepts, host of Play Date, with Ryan Hill and Ronald Gaither.Does it ever seem like the Dating world is a world completely unto its own, with its own rules, players, and most namely - games?When venturing into this hard-to-navigate, constantly changing terrain, we seem to enter into an agreement to play these games with each other, at least during the courting phase, and often further into a relationship. This game starts when we first see someone we're attracted to.Wheeler found out about Play Date on the Internet and decided to check it out."To be able to play games again and not be an adult for one night, it's kind of fun," she says.He's even attended launches in other cities and says the atmosphere is the same everywhere. Paint By Numbers lets people socialize while painting a 100-square-foot mural.Call Me UP is a new interactive take on a stand-up comedy club.

While it does seem more instinctual for the male to approach the female, men are often wary of rejection, and can be hesitant to approach. It's been 1.5 days since I've heard from them - what does this mean? This game taken too far, can trigger a foundation of mistrust and insecurity in those who struggle with jealousy to begin with, and the results are often more than you bargained for... This game involves pure power plays, with the intent of keeping the other person on their toes, in a state of waiting for you.

This hesitation can turn some women off however, as most women "instinctually" want a "strong" and decisive man... The Telephone Game - once contact has been established. Taken too far, it tells your date you're unreliable and can't be counted on.

Not the fun game we played as kids, phone/text/email games are enough to make you lose your mind. It seems virtually impossible these days not to fall into some kind of game-playing in the initial stages of dating, but we must be extremely mindful of taking them too far, because sooner or later, the games must come to an end, and we must be honest to ourselves and each other.

"It's a pretty simple word-of-mouth advertising," Havard says of how they've made Play Date so popular. 1 question asked on a Monday morning, is 'How was your weekend?

' The number two most popular question is 'What did you do? Havard wears a stingy fedora and a pin-stripe suit jacket.

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