Dating an intern at work really good dating sites

Try to be friends for at least two months, but know that three months is even better.Here's the thing, sometimes you become friends with your co-worker crush, but you realize somewhere in the friendship that dating isn't really as appealing as you thought it might be.If you've already told other co-workers you have a crush, they're going to mistake every weird interaction between the two of you as a continuation of the crush.Whatever the case, telling anyone about it will most likely add drama where it isn't needed.You might think you work in a huge office, until you're trying to avoid someone.One month of being friends isn't enough, by the way.That means it's OK to openly talk about it at work now, right? Sure, you can tell your office friends, but don't run to tell your manager or VP that you're dating your co-worker.It's great to have a personal relationship with your manager, but this isn't one of the things you should share until it's serious.

I've seen many crazy things happen with relationships at work, and since the world is so small, a dating blunder is certainly not the best way to launch your professional career.It was a lot of work and was stressful because we have to share the same space which made working with student one-on-one very difficult.While I shared this with my supervisor, he still found an intern for this year and now I am supervising another intern without any reduction in my normal duties.Out of that group, 31 percent of those people said their co-worker crush led to marriage.I'm considering myself lucky that the numbers are that high.

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