Dating for married couples

There’s a lot for all of us to consider when the research shows that emotional, financial, educational and social stability of cohabiting impacts current and future relationships, along with the communities in which we live.

“I come from a very large extended family,” says Jennie. I honestly thought that after Kevin met my family he would change and would love the closeness of a tight-knit family.” “Some people have an established friendship before they start dating,” Van Epp says.Unfortunately, many people don't understand that relationship dynamics without relationship structure increases that risk.If you're in a serious relationship and wonder if you should take your relationship to the next level, think carefully.Instead of moving in together, consider taking a class that will help you know if you have learned all of the different skills that can help your relationship last a lifetime. If this topic is relevant to you, don't buy Kuperberg’s research hook, line and sinker.Learn more about all the research related to cohabitation.

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