Dating my friends brother

But how do I let her know, gently, that I don’t appreciate being lied to?She can be rather manipulative at times, and twist things so she can believe that the problem is not her fault.It wasn’t just that they lied to me for a year, but that they told all of our mutual friends months before I knew, so I was made to look like an idiot.Then, about two years ago, they went through a rather nasty break-up after five years together. If you have a relationship/dating question I can help answer, you can send me your letters at My good friend, “Meg,” and I were friends in high school and college, before she began dating my brother.

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As for Meg telling you she had a job training to go to and then posting a picture on Facebook of her with your brother, so go to a job training (she could have hung out with your brother afterward…Later, she posted a photo on Facebook from an event that she attended that day with my brother.She and I had a talk the other weekend where I told her that she needed to either get back together with my brother or get on with her life, and that if they do get back together, that I don’t want her to be dishonest with me about their relationship.or maybe the event they went to was a type of “job-training”).And, even if she did tell you a white lie and was stupid enough to post a picture that blew her cover, maybe she’s lying to you because she doesn’t want you butting into her business anymore. Not only do you have communication and trust problems within your “shaky” friendship, her on-again-off-again relationship with your brother causes a conflict of interest between you two.

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