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Fast forward a couple of years, in February 2010, the article was updated to reflect yet another allegation of unsavory conduct by Monsarrat, this time for distribution of alcohol to underage teenagers at a party that he was hosting, which was first reported on by the Massachusetts local newspaper Somerville Journal. Then in January 2011, Monsarrat hit ED with a cease-and-desist letter to take down the article from the site; it was subsequently taken offline as the website had to shut down in April 2011 due to its mounting financial woes.

When ED came back online under a new domain in 2013, the article also resurfaced as a result of an oversight in the transition process, according to Zaiger's statement in a recent interview with The Daily Dot.

Originally launched by founder Sherrod De Grippo as a Live Journal gossip database in 2004, the site nearly came to an end in 2011 after De Grippo attempted to delete the wiki in order to launch a work safe variant named “Oh Internet.” Much to De Grippo’s dismay, ED users (affectionately known as “EDiots”) managed to salvage the database and relaunch it on a separate domain, where it is currently being run by web administrator Brian Zaiger.

The feud began nine years ago in 2008, when a user of the site create a profile article on Jonathan Monsarrat, the founder and CEO of American video game developer Turbine Inc., which cited a 2003 article alleging that he launched the campus dating service Match-Up in order to collect contact information from various women during his years at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a business graduate student.

Surprisingly, in some cases, it doesn’t affect your life very much (if at all), not online, neither in real life.

In a few other cases, it can destroy your reputation, especially if you help it along the way.

Due to the satirical nature of the site, there will not be much constructive criticism, so do not read your own article if you are a sensitive person. Again, they are nihilists who poke fun at anything and everything.

That way, when people see you, they will judge you based on what they see you do, not on what they read on your ED article.

All articles on Encyclopedia Dramatica are credible, except when disagreeing with common knowledge.

Nearly all articles are credible and satire, unless they are obviously lying, making them a parody.

Encyclopedia Dramatica is a wiki that is practically run by internet trolls for internet trolls.

It prides itself in documenting memes, recording internet drama and hosting shock content as well as attack articles against ordinary people who would be of no significance in real life.

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