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On i OS, I don't see much reason to use it other than to "Face Time" your Android peeps.It's also hampered on that platform since Knock Knock isn't as robust — unless you're already in the app, you won't see the caller before you accept the call.All you see is your call partner's face on the main screen with your own in a small circle on the lower left (you can't move it). Tapping the screen exposes the few things you can do: mute yourself, flip to the front camera, or hang up.Fox says Google worked hard to make Duo reliable — it's supposed to work over almost any kind of mobile network, all the way down to 2G (at which point the call becomes audio-only).The moment you initiate the call, the recipient will see the view from your front-facing camera.

IPHONE owners will soon be able to have group Face Time chats for the first time ever.

Quick: You want to make a mobile-to-mobile video call. If the first app you thought of was Face Time, you've perfectly demonstrated a big problem on the Android side.

Although there's no shortage of video calling apps on Google's mobile platform — Skype, Snapchat, Viber, and even Google's own Hangouts are all capable services — there isn't a single go-to app that everyone just uses like there is on i Phone.

Since Duo isn't actually linked to your Google account, Hangouts still has a role, and its strong integration with Google's app platform (mostly Calendar and Gmail) will continue to be its differentiating strength.

In the end, though, Google clearly saw that strength as a weakness for Duo.

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