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She helped Vladimir with his studies and taught him to read and gave him piano lessons.He later gave this up as he thought playing the piano was "an unbecoming occupation for boys".

While at school he developed a love for history and languages.Ulyanov also prepared a manifesto to the Russian people, to be published immediately after the Tsar's death.It began: "The spirit of the Russian land lives and the truth is not extinguished in the hearts of her sons." (10) As David Shub, the author of (1948), has pointed out, the secret police was aware of the conspiracy.On a quarter of a sheet of paper he would make an outline together with the introduction and conclusion.He would then take another sheet, fold it in half, and make a rough draft on the left side of the paper, in accordance with his outline. Here he would enter additions, explanations, corrections, as well as source indications...

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