Kevjumba dating

He became bewitched by the stand-up comedy events of Dave Chapelle; a comedian-cum-actor.He became fascinated and started to post comic videos on Youtube.The first video Kev Jumba posted; where he did a break-dance in his backyard barely gained any recognition.As time went by, the content and subject matter began to improve. One of his last posts on Instagram (September 2015) was an image of A. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the founder preceptor of ISKCON.

Kevin got sponsored by eminent and influential people like J. He also made proficient collaboration with notable You Tube celebrities such as Philip De Franco, Jessica Lee Rose, Christine Gambito, Ryan Higa, and several others.The comely blogger, whose real name is Kevin Wu, has never divulged any information concerning his mother.Kevin has a younger sibling whose name is Kelly Wu.In that same year, his fans increased, and he gained notable celebrities who became his fans.Celebrities like Ella Noon, Baron Davis, and Jessica Alba all gained interests in his content.

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