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the band's best album in decades" The Sunday Times "[Simple Minds] are making their best music of the century." Classic Rock "Ouch Jim! ""Just letting everyone know what a Champ I think you are Cherisse! I'm not sure I understand the timing re: the SM Summer tour. Thumbs up for any of the brilliant Minds keyboardists to step in. I always thought he's very underrated as keyboard player. And you already told me it is one of your favourite venues to play.""Don't I say that about everywhere we play? But I have known you for two years now, and I can tell when you mean things just that little bit more than usual.""Gonna be great then Cherisse? We hope you’ll join us in wishing her all the best for the future and we look forward to hearing the next instalment from "The Anchoress.”Photo: Vince Barker All respect and all the best to the very talented Catherine Anne Davies.I fear even letting them leave the house because the second they do they are assaulted by images that are so opposite to who I hope for them to be. Lover of chocolate, cheap wine, fashion and sarcasm.So here are the things I desperately want them to know in the not so distant future. Mom, wife, writer, speaker and soon to be taker over of the world. Why settle for a Ford focus when you might be able to ride a Mercedes!! I believe I read in Cosmo years ago that there are retreats for women in, for example, the Caribbean, where only "top male specimens" are hired. If it had been a really long time since I had sex... I've argued before (and will argue again) that a gigilo would be an obviously good option for a female virgin wanting to loose her virginity.You know, tall, tanned, muscular, gorgeous; the works. If it had been a really long time since I had sex with someone who satisfied me... Care and skill without the emotional problems of belieiving you are in love with someone only trying to get into your pants and without a "creepy old man".

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