Moroccan girls dating

In Morocco, if you are unmarried you are viewed as a “girl” not a “woman.” Now let me break that down, it might sound strange since in the West we are raised to understand a girl becomes a woman through physical, emotional, and psychological changes from puberty and aging.

But, for traditional (and oddly some non-traditional) folk, you become a woman when you consummate your marriage.

On an almost contradictory point, I should point out in big cities some couples actually live together.

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While dating in Morocco is far from “smooth sailing” or “perfect”, is dating really easy anywhere? This post is not the all-encompassing guide on dating in Morocco, but I hope it will shed light on some stereotypes and give you a different perspective on a topic that is usually hush-hush.Use the same measuring stick and sense of judgement and it will really help answer your questions!Sign up to get more information to plan your trip to Marrakech and pick up your FREE copy of the Girlfriend's Guide to Marrakech jam-packed with female-friendly advice and information about Marrakech.Don’t shoot the messenger guys, it’s just a reality.So, if you’re a foreigner (tourist, resident, or like a lot of us a mix of both) with a Moroccan partner, it can actually be a bit tricky to just “fool around” like is easier to do in Western countries.

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