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This brings up the Save Baseline dialog box, shown in Figure A. The best way to see how your project’s progress matches up to the baseline is to switch to the Tracking Gantt view.

Just click View | More Views and then select Tracking Gantt from the list.

In Project, a baseline is a copy of the Start, Finish, Work, and Cost for all the Resources and Assignments, plus Duration for all the Tasks in your project.

Together, this data represents the state of your plan at the time the baseline is saved.

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To save a baseline, click on Tools | Tracking | Save Baseline.

Building a good plan is not nearly as hard as keeping that plan on track after reality sets in and starts taking your wonderful plan apart.

Once your plan is set up and your resources assigned, you are ready to start your project.

For tasks that are complete or partially complete, this works great - just fill in the % Complete value, and things jump around, showing you if you're ahead or behind schedule for the remaining tasks.

However, if a task that was supposed to start before the current status date has not even started, I don't know how to make Project push that task forward to the current status date. Task 4 (0h, milestone, dependent on 3) Finishes on Friday.

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