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While Lisa did what she could to shield her children from the conflict with her ex, they obviously knew about some of it.

They didn’t know the reason for the end of the marriage and I’m not sure that knowing that would help children understand and accept.

” In it, I asked unhappy couples that have waited out the holiday season (but that are now poised to file for divorce) to wait until they explored an option they probably didn’t know existed.

It’s a concept that other cultures around the globe have practiced for centuries; it’s a union that’s undoubtedly driven by our most primal instinct to procreate, but that we are so far removed from that we’ve forgotten it.

It’s occurred to me over the years that our marriage paradigm has sorely been in need of a makeover.

My last book, co-written with journalist Vicki Larson, was part-commentary on how we’ve outgrown marriage as we’ve practiced it for the past 200 years or so, and part-suggestion on how to help it to be more pertinent.

A friend said to me.“Just let it go, this always happens with one of the kids.

I just looked at her thinking, “Oh my God, what have I done? We’ve stayed at her and her now-fiancee’s house and she’ll ask my boyfriend if he wants a beer or something to eat.She was really, really angry that whole year, and hardly ever called me when she heard that I was dating someone.She said,“He’s not dad, I don’t want to meet him, I think this is ridiculous” and she’d be crying, she’d hang up, she wouldn’t return my phone calls.I think in most cases, and certainly in this case, it’s best that the children don’t know the details. So I don’t find the reaction from Lisa’s daughter surprising.She’s mourning the loss of her family as she knew it.

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    It doesn’t put him to sleep, but it mellows him out and makes him happy.