Radioactive carbon dating worksheet

B.1 Summarize the outcomes of Gregor Mendel’s experimental procedures. B.2 Differentiate among the laws and principles of inheritance (dominance, segregation, independent assortment). B.3 Use the laws of probability and Punnett squares to predict genotypic and phenotypic ratios. B.4 Examine different modes of inheritance (sex linkage, codominance, crossing over, incomplete dominance, & multiple alleles. B.5 Analyze the historically significant work of prominent geneticists. B.6 Evaluate karyotypes for abnormalities such as monosomy & trisomy.Daily Openers: Openers Inherited Traits Power Point: Mendel’s genetics genetics ppt questions monohybrid crosses template Mutations Hemophilia Karyotype Lab Genetics Vocabulary Reviews Worksheets: Genetics Chromosomes Genetics Vocabulary Sponge Bob Genetics 1 2 3 4 5 Genetics Practice Problems Reebop Genetics Oompah Loompah Genetics Genetics puzzle Practice Crosses Genetics Review Games: Genetics Jeopardy Labs: Karyotype Lab Dragon Genetics1 Dragon Genetics2 Human Hand Adaptations Constructing a Pedigree Chart Monstrous Mutations Genetic traits Murder At Termond Estates Quizzes: Genetics 1 Genetics 2 HE.5.B.2 Describe the relationship between an enzyme and its substrate molecule(s). B.3 Investigate the properties (surface tension, cohesion, adhesion, polarity, p H) and importance of water and its significance for life. B.4 Explain the role of energy (activation, endergonic, & exergonic) in chemical reactions of living systems.Daily Openers: Openers Power Points: Chemistry CHEMISTRY PPT WKSHT Bioenergetics BIOENERGETICS PPT WKSHT Properties of water Water ppt Q’s Worksheets: Chemistry Chemistry Vocabulary Chemistry puzzle Acids, Bases & Water Coloring Sheet Chemistry Review Labs: Water Properties lab p H in Living Systems Toothpick-ase (enzyme) Lab Enzyme Amylase on Starch Iron in Breakfast Cereal (Demo) Does Cereal Contain Iron?

Jeopardy Quiz: Chemistry Quiz Daily Openers: Openers Power Points: Biochemistry of cells Biochemistry ppt Q’s Enzymes ENZYME PPT WKSHT Macromolecules Carbohydrates Lipids Proteins Nucleic Acids Worksheets: Biochemistry Biochemistry Vocabulary Elements & Macromolecules Coloring Worksheet Biochemistry Review Biochemistry puzzle Macromolecular Chart Games: Biochemistry Jeopardy Labs: Fast Food Lab Organic Model Nucleotide Model Constructing Monomers Quiz: Biochemistry Quiz MC.2.

B.1 Recognize that theories are scientific explanations that require empirical data, verification, and peer review NS.12.

B.2 Understand that scientific theories may be modified or expanded based on additional empirical data, verification, and peer review NS.15.

B.3 Distinguish between a scientific theory and the term “theory” used in general conversation NS.10.

B.4 Summarize the guidelines of science: explanations are based on observations, evidence, and testing hypotheses must be testable understandings and/or conclusions may change with additional empirical data NS.11.

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