Radiometric dating is used to tell the age of rocks Pay pal dating and sex web sites minnesota

He could be pretty confident that his super awesome dinosaur was about 175 million years old.Stratigraphic and fossil succession are good tools for studying the relative dates of events in Earth's history, but they do not help with numerical dating.Scientists piece together a story of how one event came before or after another.Relative dating cannot tell us the actual age of a rock; it can only tell us whether one rock is older or younger than another.Scientists are always spouting information about the ages of rocks and fossils. Well, they figure it out using two different methods: relative dating and numerical dating.

And, what about other findings like fossil fish, plants and insects?One of the biggest jobs of a geologist is establishing the absolute age, in years, of a rock or fossil.Unlike relative dating, which only tells us the age of rock A compared to rock B, numerical dating tells us the age of rock A in x number of years.If I told you that I was 30 years old, that number would be my numerical age.If I told you I was 32 years younger than my mother, that number would be my relative age.

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