Rich victorian dating

Today Southampton’s Historic Old Town is a picturesque and tranquil place.

It is hard to believe that in 1850 the area had been described in a report as being unfit for human habitation and it was more densely populated than the East End of London made famous by Charles Dickens.

Purchasing the property from an Italian nobleman in 1864, Ralston began construction of an increasingly grand mansion, ultimately comprising over 80 rooms.Ellen wren was buried in a mass pauper’s grave at The Common Old Cemetery.A managed block of flats for young single mothers in Swaythling is named after her.As the population grew the area west of High Street became the overcrowded slums.Prostitute Ellen Wren was a resident and her life is a tragic tale which ended in September 1894 when she choked on her own vomit after drinking Mother’s Ruin or gin.

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