Selena gomez dating jaccob

As said earlier, Selena and The Weekend began this meeting of theirs in the December of 2016 but according to sources, Weekend was already attracted to the petite and pretty Selena and so when he got a chance of knowing her, he took it.That they were together it became clearer on the eve of new year when the two were found kissing and passionately embracing each other publicly in LA.The Weeknd is the current Selena Gomez boyfriend and they have been dating since December 2016.Also, know more about her ex boyfriends like Justin Bieber.And her current relation with The Weekend is in a nascent stage and too much shouldn’t be commented on that.But one thing is for sure that certainly sparks are flying between the two and let’s hope that after a nasty break up with Bieber and a few flings with others, Selena finally finds a good partner to settle with.

It seems there is a new Justin in Selena's life, which for once, definitely isn't of the Bieber variety.

Zedd was a German who was born on 2nd September in 1989 in Soviet Union.

Samuel and Selena’s affair lasted for about seven months from 2015’s October to 2016’s May.

However, speculations are going on that this pair up can just be momentary and not at all a serious one but it is too early to have a say on that matter. This was Selena’s very first known relation with Nicholas Jerry Jonas and they lasted for about two years.

Though Selena is quite young still yet she has had a string of affairs in this time only. They began dating in May 2008 but split in February 2009 only to get back together in the same year in December. Nick is also an American singer who was born on 16th September, 1992 and his claim to fame is his participation in Jonas Brothers.

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