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Respondent breaks any rule he wishes by justifying his 'treatment' as innovative or experimental." Lastly, the documents list other aspects of Biondi's conduct which were not taken up in the Board's hearing but which the Board found "disconcerting." They include: "Having sessions at midnight; Meeting patients in his van...; Having business relationships with a patient...; The likelihood that the 'therapy' for [the aforementioned female patient] was really about more & more sessions resulting in more & more billing, sleeping over [another patient's] house [and] Accompanying [another patient] to a casino," among other things. For example, the Consultant found that Blankstein deviated from the standard of care with regard to monitoring patients to whom he prescribed controlled substances, prescribing and monitoring patients with atypical antipsychotic medication and for monitoring patients taking Depakote.

Blankenstein denied that he breached the standard of care with regard to the five patients but admitted he had a health condition that prohibits him from safely practicing medicine.

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In 1998, on two occasions, [Biondi] struck [the patient] and threw her to the ground. Date convicted: February 5, 2009After receiving a complaint reporting that Blankstein had been arrested and charged with three counts of acquisition or administration of dangerous drugs (in 2015; criminal charges eventually dismissed), the records for five of Blankstein's patients were sent to a Medical Consultant for review who found that Blankstein deviated from the standard of care with regard to all five patients.Date convicted: February 11, 2008Baumann appealed the conviction, which was upheld. On June 25, 2009, the Court of Appeal of Basel, Switzerland upheld the lower court's conviction, additionally pronounced him guilty of intentional homicide (murder) and increased his prison sentence to four years with no time suspended.Receiving and possessing materials involving the sexual exploitation of minors.Date convicted: June 9, 2016He had a sexual relationship with a patient which then continued for several years after she was no longer his patient.The medical board stated he "was grossly negligent in his treatment" of the patient.

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