Teacher student dating legality

Q A pupil alleges that another has been bullying him by text messages.A Teachers can confiscate a mobile phone but should not search through text messages without permission.A Teacher might make the pupil stay behind at break time to finish it off.Q A group of pupils joke and laugh when they should be getting on with their work. A The teacher might put them all in lunchtime detention but must make sure they will have time to eat.The rules say they must not be brought into school.A The teacher has the legal right to confiscate the player but to be lawful it must be "proportionate, necessary in a democratic society and in pursuance of a legitimate aim".

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The guidance says they should not impose the requirement by force.

Q A local shopkeeper says that two pupils from the school were abusive and swore at him.

A When the pupils return to school they can be punished by withdrawal of privileges or detention for their behaviour when they were "ambassadors" for the school on their way home in uniform.

Just wanted to know if this is legally or just morally wrong?

Not to mention the fact that she told me about this about six days or so after she turned 18..

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