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It’s no wonder that Italy’s capital is one of the hottest of Europe’s tourism hotspots.However, in the stampede to tick off the classics like the , e così via, e così via, e così via (and there’s your first Italian language lesson!

If you’re looking for some cool, verdant respite, Rome’s green spaces won’t disappoint.They retain a certain separate-ness from the city, and getting away from it all to spend a few hours in nature does wonders for flagging energy.The 95,150m² is hidden in plain sight, offering a lush escape within easy access of public transport.Designed in the shape of a leaf, the park is filled with decorative plantings, set amongst countless giant conifers to create a measured but not manicured design.There are paved walkways and avenues along which you can stroll at your own pace, to take in the garden’s bas-relief sculptures (by artists including Bellini) that intersperse the greenery.

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