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PL/SQL - packages, Stored procs, Functions, Aggregate functions, Pipelined Functions Informatica 8.6 - especially complex mappings, complex maplets, complex workflows, transformations Oracle 10g/11g Unix/Linux shell scripting Database/ETL requirements (Optional) Data warehousing experience Threading and job concepts in 10g/11g Cost based Optimizer concepts in 10g/11g Must : Experience with XML files and partitioning concepts in Oracle, Collections, Material Views Note : No phone calls please.

: send Resumes to [email protected] & Regards Karthik Bhan Info [email protected]"In" "Out" and "Trash"I just bought a new computer and I re-installed Eudora Light on my new computer.

However, there are some other directories on the same NFS server that should be auto-mounted by my clients too through the Solaris YP auto.direct map. My NIS/yp network has been using passwd.* and group.* maps for a long time.

" or silence or sometimes a click and then silence.* that you're forced to copy the features in the "toy" OS - to lend Linux a veneer of badly needed usability and respectability * that _your_ OS is considered "alternative" - almost like it's an odd subculture * that Linux is often considered a free Windows clone * that Linux apps really are, or try to be, clones of Windows apps * that modern Linux distros often run slower than Windows on the same machine No wonder you're all so hostile and humorless.On Wed, -0400, DFS wrote: * can sell 200,000,000 copies - but you ha...*tuple vs tuple example print join(dirname(os.tmpnam()),*("a","b","c"))I have been trying to find documentation on the behavior Can anyone tell me why the first example works and the second doesn't and where I can read about it in the language reference?slave1 : RPC: Unknown host slave2 : RPC: Unknown host slave3 : RPC: Unknown host slave4 : RPC: Unknown host slave5 : RPC: Unknown host slave6 : RPC: Unknown host gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/var/yp/psc' It seems to work to slave7./var/yp/ypservers nismaster slave1 slave2 slave3 slave4 slave5 slave6 slave7 All of these hostname can be pinged from the nismaster and they are all in the hosts nismaps and /etc/hosts on the nismaster.

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