Updating oak kitchen online dating for nigerians

Her cabinets were in FANtastic shape so she kept them ‘as-is’ and chose beautiful hardware and accessories to complement their style.I’d love to give you a how-to on Staining Oak Cabinets, but I’d rather leave it to the pros…And they will still BE wood – they will just be painted wood. f that is your target market then just keep them stained and call it a day.However, if you’re looking to appeal to a younger and more modern crowd (69 years and younger) then you’ll want to consider painting them.

Now before we get into the guts n’ the glory, you need to figure out what style of cabinets you have…

After a stressful summer of renovations, we decided to wait on our kitchen.

Despite what you see on Pinterest, you can do a kitchen makeover without painting your orange oak cabinets.

It’s easy to paint your walls – but paint your cabinets? Contrast can look great in a kitchen when you’re dealing with countertops, cupboards and flooring.

However, when you’re transitioning from product to product ‘horizontally’ it’s best to keep things low contrast.

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