Updating sky epg

TV Guide remains in a prominent position on Sky HD boxes, but the tab is significantly smaller in the new update.Sky has also shrunk the Search Bar and completely removed the tabs for Accessibility, Parental Control & PIN, Radio, Settings Options, Get Sky Products, My Account and Help menus.Another new addition to your Sky HD box is Continue Watching.This all-new tab in the Planner will let you quickly pick up where they last left off in an episode or series.The latest software update is currently rolling out to Sky customers.Make sure your hardware is connected to a broadband connection to ensure you get all of the latest features.Sky has unveiled an all-new design for the Sky Homepage.

The UK broadcaster debuted this new emphasis on curated content with Sky Q, which hides the traditional TV Guide at the top of its homepage in favour of handpicked lists of new content.Your Sky HD box will automatically update its software during the night when connected to the satellite dish.New software releases are rolled out to compatible boxes over a period of 2 - 3 months, so your Sky box may receive an update before or after your friend’s box does.Confirm if the Sky HD box and other connected devices are turned “off”.On the top panel of the box, press and hold the “backup” button.

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