Validating microsoft office license

That was, admittedly, a bit baffling because I bought Office Home edition, but hey, I'm tough, I can handle it.After thinking on it a bit, I ascertained that the message came up because my email address is a custom domain, not something like @or, etc. First, my Microsoft rep was "Paris H" (yeah, not kidding) and after selecting Microsoft Account, it asked me for my username and password again.It turns out, there was an Install button there as well.So, having already installed Office 2016 and failed in activating it, I asked the obvious question: DG: I'm signed in, but do I need to install Office again? Paris H: If it is already installed, open up Word 2013 and then click on your name in the top right. That didn't work, because I'd already ran into the problem of opening up Word 2013.

Paris H: What I would recommend you do is uninstall and reinstall the software. Paris H: Please click here for Uninstall Office 2011 from a Mac The link was to instructions for uninstalling Office 2011. I had just bought, installed, and attempted to use Office 2016. DG: No, I have Office 2016 that I need to uninstall because it won't activate. (Some time went by) Paris H: Please click here for Uninstall Office 2016 for Mac This time the link was more appropriate to the problem.I once described Microsoft's mission statement thusly: "Microsoft builds incredibly deep, powerful, and flexible software products that -- before they see the light of day -- must be infused with a level of unnecessary inconvenience, incomprehensible restrictions, and regressive policies such that all possible joy has been removed prior to customer contact." Yep, they're on mission.I came back to Microsoft for this product evolution. Gosh, I'm getting tired of the hassles Microsoft seems to engineer into their products.Yep, uninstall the software I just installed and then reinstall it so that it might activate. Given that this is a Mac and we're talking Office here, I knew in the marrow of my bones that just taking the applications out of the Applications folder and trashing them wouldn't be enough. After all, I was still talking with Paris H., and you just don't close the window on Paris H. How do I uninstall the brand new Office I just bought because I can't use it? The instructions weren't correct, but the link was right.If you follow the link, you'll see it advises three stages of activity: removing the applications from the Applications folder, deleting a .plist file from the system Library folder and deleting an indeterminate number of .plist files from the user's Library folder.

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