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strongly that Scott has no business preaching in a church. Melissa was the third wife to the “shock jock of televangelism” Dr. Th preached FOR was a staunch belief in the Resurrection, and the power of believing in Jesus Christ of Nazareth; that, and the therapeutic power of screwing with bureaucrats.” His videos are posted all over the Internet, and folks, he’s still raising a commotion posthumously apparently!

But let’s just suppose that all of that stuff is true. She marries Gene Scott [20 years her elder], after they both divorced their spouses.

I saw an ad in the newspaper for a job at a small café next to Glacier National Park and decided to move there.

I earned a degree in environmental science from Montana State University and started guiding in 1992 in Glacier National Park.

Paul is speaking to motives for teaching and not advocating anything goes as long as Jesus is mentioned, so we’ll have to continue to teach and beg and plead and hope that people with whom we are associated will allow us to introduce them to the Bible and common sense. Scott has received Jesus and I hope she blesses many with her teaching. What an opportunity for hyper criticism the Church resurrected when she and her husband started doing ministry! Stanford University in Philosophy of Education, 1957.

It’s rumored that she was a porn star named Barbie ‘something or other’ prior to becoming a wife and subsequent Bible scholar.

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