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Carry this chivalrous attitude with you on a date in Atlanta, the largest city in Georgia and a major hub for entertainment and cultural events.

Enjoy live music together on a date at Eddie’s Attic in nearby Decatur, an east suburb of Atlanta. Mainstream acts have included John Mayer, Sugarland, Sheryl Crow and India. The Songwriter’s Open Mic, which takes place on most Mondays, was named best of its kind in the Atlanta area in 2008 by “Sunday Paper” newspaper.

You’ll come for the sushi, which is among the best in town, but you’ll stay for the cocktails and sake bombs. Location: 675 Ponce De Leon Ave NE A handy adult playground for those who prefer their fun outside of the meat market nightclubs, The Roof has a nice view to complement its fully stocked beer garden.

Carnival games and general revelry is the aim of The Roof, and it hits the mark in a light, joyful way.

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Attend a Falcons, Hawks, Braves or Thrashers game on a date.

You can also work your way through a small army of speciality margaritas. Location: Westside Ironworks, 1085 Howell Mill Rd A3 Despite being originally from Charleston, we won’t hold that against O-Ku.

Though you’re only on the second floor, it’s far enough out to give a respectable look at the Atlanta skyline.

Though whiskey is the speciality here, get your hands on a mojito or caipirinha as well, just to round out the experience.

Location: 1174 Euclid Avenue SE You can go to look at the streets below, but you’re better off nabbing a spot in the corner of the Corner to watch the odd crowd that frequents Little Five (L5P to the locals).

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