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A person's signature is essentially the same as his or her "mark." It is intended to represent a person's acknowledgement.

Technically, there is no requirement for both a first and a last name in a signature.

To make glyphs you will need to either buy herbs off of the AH or have the herbalism profession (Allows you to pick you own herbs). Bow Wow never met his father and was raised by his mother and her new husband. Celebrities have secret numbers and if a number happen to reach the public they change it really quick which is why you should never trust someone who posts their number claiming it to be to a celeb.

Once you have the profession, you open up the Inscription UI and click what you want to make. It's most likely to some kid playing around, laughing at you or a peddo.

Like Usher, the teen rap star has come of age in the public eye and now that he's old enough, Bow finally wants to open up more about his private life — starting with his ex-girlfriend, Ciara (see "Ciara Talks Single Life, Dreams Of Acting Like A Boy On Evolution").

"I told him the type of records I wanted and the type of records I needed.

So this album is not only for my fans, but for real rap heads.

nauseous, Eating everything in site, belly aches and a lot more.

But another way you can find out is if you go to the doctor and have a Sonogram.

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