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He instantly stilled a raging storm on the Sea of Galilee, demonstrating that as the Creator He wasn’t bound by natural process rates but instead could command the wind and the waves to cease instantly because He created them.Thus, Jesus, by His actions here on earth, authenticated the power He displayed in creation and at the Flood, as recorded in the book of Genesis.That’s how we reconcile our position that the secular scientists are wrong in making the assumption of constancy of process rates.Yes, the age estimates made by the scientists using the assumption of naturalism are off by almost 100%!Besides, we are told that Jesus Christ Himself was and is the Creator (), and while here on earth in front of eyewitnesses, He demonstrated His power many times.He turned water into wine instantly and created more bread and fish instantly to feed thousands of people, both of these miracles testify to His power to create instantly.And when it comes to fine-tuning your dating techniques, nothing helps more than a little real life experience. What are some specific tips lesbian women can use to improve their dating techniques? Before the actual dating begins, you must first meet a potential mate.

Packard, Your web enquiry has been passed on to me for comment.Any scientific study of the past, including the geologic past, relies on the use of dating methods to determine the age of sites, landforms, sediments or geologic events.A variety of dating methods are available, and the scientist must decide which method will provide the most accurate results in each case.Relative dating methods were the first dating techniques to be developed, and are still widely used.The radiocarbon dating method was developed in the late 1940's by Dr. Libby, who later won a Nobel Prize in chemistry for this work.

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