Sims 3 world adventures egypt online dating

There are a total of 22 hairstyles for female Sims and 17 hairstyles for male Sims with more available through either expansion packs, stuff packs, The Sims 3 Store or third-party custom content.Hats and accessories may be applied and may also have their colors and textures altered.The Windows Phone version was made available on the Windows Phone Store on October 15, 2010.A Nintendo 3DS version, released on March 27, 2011, was one of its launch titles.

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The Sims 3 offers many more character customization options than its predecessors.

When a challenge is completed, Sims can earn rewards.

All of these rewards earn some kind of benefit, such as quicker completion, better results, etc.

With the addition of "Advanced Mode", players can focus on single features on a characters body to modify, allowing for detailed customization.

Players also have the option of giving freckles, beauty marks, and tattoos to their Sims.

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